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15% of all profits from this candle are donated to Fighting Pretty: a non-profit organization that helps women feel strong and beautiful during and after cancer treatments.

This limited edition Black (well, technically... teal) Label Collection scent is a refreshing, relaxing scent that combines a top note of crisp spearmint with middle notes of light herbs and bright eucalyptus. Just a hint of sandalwood and a dash of musk in the base finishes off this relaxing but lively scent. This Mind & Matter + Fighting Pretty collaboration candle enhances a moment of relaxation, inspires pause, and directly helps women fighting cancer feel empowered, strong and beautiful.


TOP: spearmint
MIDDLE: herbs, eucalyptus
BASE: sandalwood, musk


Erin from Mind & Matter was introduced to the Fighting Pretty team in late 2021 through a Mind & Matter customer who is passionate about Fighting Pretty (thanks, Alyssa!). From the very beginning, they knew this collaboration and this candle would be special.

When Erin asked Kara what feeling she wanted this candle to evoke, she shared a piece of advice that she often gives women that have been newly diagnosed. She explained, "In the beginning, when you start going through treatments, your body will change. You might lose your hair, your body might feel different, but the one thing that doesn't change is your eyes. Sit in front of the mirror every once in awhile and stare into your own eyes - really get to know them. A lot will change while you're fighting, but you can always come back to your eyes." She explained that she wanted a candle that could be lit in that moment. She wanted a scent that evoked a moment of pause, a moment of quiet, a moment of remembrance for who you are and who you will always be, no matter what. She wanted women to be reminded that sometimes the most important strength is quiet strength.

Erin was so inspired by this story and immediately went into the scent studio and began choosing the perfect scent for this special candle. After 5 tries, we finally decided on this quiet strength scent together!

After months of working on this candle, just two weeks before the launch, a woman very close to Erin was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer at age 28, making this candle closer to her heart than she could have ever imagined.


We think quiet strength is perfect for an unplugged Friday night: picture sliding into a bath with extra bubbles, flowing to an easy yoga sequence, or grabbing a romance novel and a scoop of cookie dough ice cream before climbing into bed at 8pm.


Crank up the luxury a bit with our Black Label Collection candles. These 8 oz limited edition candles tell a stories that mean a lot to us. This candle adds the perfect simplistic, modern style to your space with just a touch more elegance.


Inspired by a time, place, moment, our Black Label Collection was created to indulge your senses and bring you back to a memory. This collection still maintains all the simple, modern, sleek elements of our Signature Collection but with a luxury twist.


Every candle is made with 100% soy wax from natural, domestically grown soybeans, hand-selected fine fragrance oils, and a natural cotton and paper wick for a clean, long-lasting, and even burn. Check out our candle care page to learn more about our candles and how to care for them.

NET WEIGHT: 7.7 ounces
DIAMETER: 2.9 inches
HEIGHT: 3.7 inches

Customer Reviews

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Clean and relaxing smell

I love the scent of this candle - it smells very clean and aids me in clearing and calming my mind. Plus, I love that it supports a great cause by benefiting Fighting Pretty- an awesome nonprofit that supports women to feel their inner beauty as they embark through cancer treatments which can be very harsh.