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SCENT OPTIONS: agave, cabana, cashmere, ember, oasis, shea

Important: Please be sure to type in the 4 scents you'd like in your flight. 

If you don't type in exactly 4 Signature Collection scents, we will modify your order by adding, subtracting, or changing scents to scents we think you'll really love but you might not be expecting.


The perfect little candle samples to test some scents before you buy bigger sizes, these small glass jars are great to add a hint of ambiance to a small room. Sometimes, we like to bring these little guys along with us when we travel!


Our Signature Collection features elegant straight-sided clear glass jars with black lids and modern minimalist labels. Our mini jars are no exception. These candles may be small but they make a beautiful addition to a small space. The only difference between 2 oz candles and the larger candles are the labels which do not include a batch or pourer stamp due to the very small size of the vessel. As always, you can take care in knowing that these minis are hand-poured with care, patience, and love.


Hand poured and hand scented in small batches of 6, all of our candles are dreamed-up, designed, and created in our Chicago Scent Studio. They’re made with 100% all natural, soy wax and free of any phthalates, dyes, additives, and irritants. Our candles also feature non-GMO and USA grown wax with a lead and nickel-free wick. 


WEIGHT (EACH): 2 ounces

DIAMETER (EACH): 2.25 inches

HEIGHT (EACH): 2.0 inches