Hey there! I'm Erin, the owner, maker, and hands behind the scenes here at Mind & Matter Candle Company.

Mind & Matter is a love-packed collaboration of my infatuation with all things cozy and my passion to break down the stigma that surrounds mental health.

Before I was a candle maker, I was a candle lover. Ask anyone who knows me, it’s always been part of my personality. I even had a candle-themed 9th birthday party at a candle studio in Chicago (just miles from the Mind & Matter scent studio). So technically, you could say I started this craft almost 20 years ago. My home has a reputation to be the one that “always smells good” due to the many candles I have lit at all times. However, that title used to come with spending too much money on luxury, name-brand, overpriced candles that I didn’t know were bad for me and my family.

That’s where my candle-making journey really begins. In an effort to start pouring my own candles that I knew would be 100% all-natural and free of toxins unlike the paraffin wax alternatives in the store, I picked up a soy candle making kit a few years ago. Since then, I’ve been experimenting in my little scent studio to perfect the craft that I've always admired. That’s how Mind & Matter was born.

I’ve been a lover of candles for many years, but I’ve been a lover of mental health for even longer. I started struggling with mental health when I was 6 years old, I was sitting in front of a therapist by 8 years old, and my life has been closely intertwined with my personal mental health journey ever since.

Mental health is a complicated thing. It’s so often overlooked, silenced, ignored, untreated, and misunderstood. Through my own lifelong journey with anxiety, depression, and panic attacks, I’ve grown very passionate about finding creative and personal ways to end the stigma and silence around mental health. Along with this company, I hold myself personally accountable to take care of my own mental health and advocate for the mental health of those around me.

Ending the misinformation about mental health is a fight worth fighting. From the minute I launched this business, I knew I would give back to that fight. That’s why Mind & Matter gives back a portion of every sale to hand-picked mental health awareness and wellness organizations. We always have, we always will.

With these donations and the integration of this critical piece of our brand and mission, we hope to bring beautiful candles into your spaces that bring you peace and warmth that also shed a light on mental health. I hope you'll find a candle you love. I hope that when you burn it, it brings a smile to your face for more than one reason.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m so happy you’re here. 

we're currently donating to: the trevor project
my favorite candle right now: chai
what I’m listening to while making your candles: the moth